AGU San Francisco Limited Accident & Sickness Indemnity Plan

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The AGU San Francisco Limited Accident & Sickness Indemnity Plan includes the MultiPlan Network of providers. Covered employees may go to any doctor or hospital for services under this plan. However, if a doctor or hospital that participates in the MultiPlan network is used, the charge may be reduced. Note that the plan pays the same amount in or out of the network.

To locate a provider in the MultiPlan Network call their toll-free number 800-457-1403 or go online at www.multiplan.com.

Follow these instructions for accessing the correct information online:

Click on the “Search for a Doctor or Facility” button. To Identify the Network Logo, click the "Most Common Logos" tab and select "MultiPlan Limited Benefit Plan" and then click "Continue". Follow the onscreen instructions to locate a participating provider.

Information about locating a doctor or hospital in the MultiPlan Network will also be provided on each ID card.

This is a value-added service, not an insured benefit.